The Truffula Hospital
I alsssso sssstart to feel hungry a lot...

Hm. Do you just feel hungry in general, or do you have cravings for something specific?

My sssstomach looksss bigger everyday. And I don't eat anything fatting or big!

Hm. That’s… very strange…

Well...ivebeen getting bad crampssss and every time I ssssslither really fasssst I get bad crampssss. I get morning sssicknessss I've been getting sssstresssed out too much. And I've felt like I'm getting fatter everyday.

What exactly do you mean? How do you feel as if you keep getting fatter? Can you think of any reason for that?

I a-alsssso feel a bit weird in my sssstomach...((dunt worry its ok some ppl need to take a break))

Hm. What kind of weird exactly? ((heh. thanks. :j ))

Still the funniest thing I ever did.

Most definitely.

Still the funniest thing I ever did.

Most definitely.

O-okay...h-how are you going t-to f-find out.....*looks a bit scared*

-smiles lightly- Just a simple test. There’s no reason to be scared.

u-um h-hello missster doctor. I'm having a bit of a c-coughing issssssssue. i have blood comming o-out when coughing and i don't k-know what t-to do.

Oh! Well we need to figure out what’s causing this so I can help you.


eep. Hello there~

Hi! How are you? :33

Hello! I’m alright. How are you?

((Alright I’m sorry I just have the sudden urge to post a quick thing that has to do with ’90s kid’ shiz. All of that stuff basically just has to do with remembering whatever is mentioned in that post. And guess what, people who were born in the mid to late nineties can actually remember some of that shit! They are not saying ‘ah yeah man I lived my entire childhood in the nineties’ or some shit like that. They’re saying that they REMEMBER the shit from the nineties. And also, another thing people seem to forget, THINGS FROM THE NINETIES DID NOT JUST DISAPPEAR AS SOON AS WE HIT THE YEAR 2000. THEY LEAKED OVER. SO EVEN IF YOU WERE BORN LATER IN THE NINETIES THERE IS STILL A REALLY GOOD CHANCE YOU CAN REMEMBER IT BECAUSE IT PROBABLY LEAKED OVER FOR A FEW YEARS. SO PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STOP DISSING ON PEOPLE WHO HAVE POSTS OR WHATEVER LIKE THAT WHO ARE FROM THE LATER NINETIES BECAUSE HEY GUESS WHAT THEY CAN STILL REMEMBER THAT SHIT TOO))